Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Just got back from sailing. I started last summer, going every Tuesday for a race that a friend takes part in. Tonight was crazy -- first time out, so there were lots of people. Also, one of the other boat-owners had several employees in the area for a conference, and he got the other people to include a few each on their boats (since he couldn't fit them all on his). So all together we had about a dozen people (including me) on the boat today. Way too many. Tripping over lines. And one of the people was the captain's wife, who felt the need to tell him consistently that he was wrong with everything that he was doing. Sometimes she was right, sometimes not. But too many cooks ruin the stew, and there are only so many conflicting instructions that we can follow. Still... I had a good time.

There's something about the time when all of the power is cut to the engine, and you're just out there floating... It's great. So serene. Rocking in the water, the wind whipping across the sail. When you go really fast, the boat tilts to the side, so you're almost standing on the side of the damn thing... I love it.

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