Tuesday, July 06, 2004


As per usual on this thing, I seem to be falling tragically behind on keeping up with my journals... It seems like a lifetime ago that I made my last post, and it's certainly not because I haven't had things to share. Rather, it is more appropriate to say that I've had so much to share that I've wanted to really wait until I had time to sit down and think about it before making a posting... and then more things happen... then more things...

Well, you get the idea.

I will be endeavoring to keep things more up to date, if only so I can keep track of them myself, since it would be the height of arrogance to think there's actually an audience out there avidly waiting to hear of the next stage in my adventure of life.

(If there is, please e-mail me at azj@azjones.info and let me know you exist... I will do my best to keep this more entertaining for you.)

Anyway, I'll post the abbreviated version of things now and speak in greater detail at some later point, hopefully in the upcoming days.

1. I've fallen in love with a wonderful woman, whom I've known for many years. Since high school, in fact. Her name is Jennifer Jordan Sipes.

2. I've gotten engaged to Jordan.

3. We bought a house in Anderson, IN.

4. I got fired, because they found out I was probably leaving in the fall anyway.

5. Four days after closing on the house, there was a massive water leak upstairs that flooded the house. Fortunately, there was little furniture moved in and virtually no personal property was damaged. We do, however, have about $15,000 in work being done by the insurance company, including a new vanity in the master bedroom, new ceilings and painting in most of the house, new floors in the downstairs bathroom and kitchen, and some new lighting and ceiling fans.

So I sit now in my office, which will be much more colorful in a few days, but which now is in a state of quasi-construction with exposed drywall for a ceiling ... the painter comes in on Thursday.

Thus is my life. It is grand. Despite all of the chaos, the euphoria of #1 & 2 above are enough to make it so that I am happy more often than sad which, those who know me can attest, is a rare enough thing.

Until next time...