Saturday, September 11, 2004


It has only been just over two months since my last post, which means that I could, conceivably, possibly, actually keep some semblance of presence on this journal while doing all other things in my life. Dare I dream? We shall see.

Even further good news is that the renovations from the water damage is done on our house. We have beautifully painted rooms with some nice new additions of upgraded lighting fixtures and such. There is still some work being done on the dining room table which was carelessly damaged by one of the workmen, but once that is completed the entire fiasco will be behind us.

My job situation has also reached a high note. I am currently employed with CTB/McGraw-Hill as a Mathematics Content Editor. This means that I edit the mathematics standardized tests in such a way to match with the state standards that are being tested on. If the tests suck, it's not my fault -- talk to your representatives at the state level.

This is a fine job. Currently, I'm technically a temporary employ through Kelly Services. A position has opened for a full-time employee of CTB/McGraw-Hill in this position, however, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm chosen for that.

Even more good news (yes, I am aware that this quantity of good news is abnormal, and I am duly disturbed by it) is that I have two stories which have been essentially accepted for publication. I'm waiting on some replies and details before I announce the full specifics of the publications. I've also got two stories which have made it to the final round of story selection in their respective anthologies. One came back for corrections, which I made and submitted, making me one of 16 finalists. The other, last I heard, was down to 20 stories the editor was deciding between. I will post more when I get more details.

On the matter of my impending marriage to Jennifer Jordan Sipes, things are going well. I promise that a picture of her will someday appear on my website to prove that she is not imaginary, although that requires me getting around to a scanner sometime which I've been woefully lax on.

We've set a date. The details will be posted in the weeks to come. We are currently constructing a website for the wedding, although only those who are invited will have significant access to it. Some pictures and information may get posted more generally, since the size of the guest list is being heavily influenced by the venue decisions and we will sadly have to cut significantly. I do apologize that we do not have the means to invite everyone whom we know and care for.

There it is -- the general state of things with me. Hopefully more good news will keep coming. Until then, remember that The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse, featuring my first profitably published story, "Mr. Ned and Dr. Ted," is still on sale, with free shipping, directly from me!!!

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