Saturday, June 16, 2001

Wow... Busy week, it turned out. Unfortunately, I don't recall doing a lot while I was busy. We're teaching summer school, which means we're on a different schedule. Get off work earlier and have to be there at 8 am, as opposed to my 8:45 starting class this last semester. I really don't understand why the summer program has to start so damn early. I'd much rather start at 10 o'clock and go until 5. Maybe that's just me. But then, my natural state is as a night owl.

Another story started going through the critique process this week. Not as many responses, and not as favorable as the last story, but they think it's an original approach to the subject matter. In science fiction, that's a good thing -- so much of it is re-hash of old ideas.

Trying to think of anything else outstanding. Nothing particularly springs to mind. That's mildly disturbing. Oh, well... I'm about to start a major revision on one of my stories, and then will polish it up to send it off as soon as my move is over. Also have to go on Monday to turn in the paperwork on the new place I'll probably be renting. Fun all around.

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