Sunday, February 06, 2005


While this is probably not news to anyone who cares but me, I've just discovered that the science fiction time travel television show, Quantum Leap, will be coming to the Sci-Fi Channel. According to a posting at Dark Horizons, it will return in the form of a 2-hour telefilm. In it, Admiral Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell) attempts to re-establish contact with Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula), who lost contact with the Quantum Leap program in the series finale of the original series. They re-establish contact briefly, but then lose touch. Sam's daughter, Sammy Jo, then leaps after him, presumably to become lost in time herself and set right what once went wrong. If the film is successful, the plan is to then have a full series following the leaping of Sammy Jo.

Apparently, Scott Bakula was going to have a role in the 2-hour movie, but the plan is for the series to focus on Sammy Jo. (Sammy Jo, incidentally, was established in the original series. In a multi-part storyline, Sam established a strong connection with a woman throughout her life and fathered a child with her, though she didn't realize it was him, of course. Al reveals, at the end, that Sammy Jo works for Project Quantum Leap.)

With the recent announcement that Star Trek: Enterprise is being cancelled at the end of this season, the question becomes whether or not Bakula will perhaps become a more dominant part of the upcoming series than previously planned. The Quantum Leap Revival Initiative website indicates that, as of January 23, the movie was still in pre-production. If that's the case, perhaps there's a chance for changes to the plot of the movie, or the subsequent series, to include Bakula in a more prominent role. Only time, it seems, will tell.