Sunday, February 02, 2003

In an effort to keep things on this site up to date, I'll be blogging more frequently nowadays.

Started the actual writing on Soulless yesterday morning. I've now got about 10,000 words (6 chapters) done on it. If I can keep this momentum, then I figure I'll be done roughly the end of March. I'm fairly impressed with how it's unfolding. A few of the narrative things I was concerned about, but I think they'll work. Some things I've had to leave out because they don't flow that well yet. Right now my plan is just purely getting the story down on paper. I'm sure there will be heavy revision.

What's happening thus far: A mysterious series of murders, a controversial legislation about to go up for a vote, and an author digging into a scientist's past. In addition, we have some family tensions. Two more subplots have been hinted at and will be developed more strongly in the next chapter. The fictional science has been outlined in theory and practice, but without a lot of tying the two aspects together ... i.e. I've been able to avoid the mechanics of how the science is working.

One reference source that had a surprisingly strong influence on the storyline is David Brin's The Transparent Society. Privacy is now a major theme in the book, and the accessibility of information is having significant impacts on how I handle the entire murder investigation.

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