Saturday, February 08, 2003


Well, I'm being relatively successful at keeping up on this blog so far.

The week has been a lot of work at the day job. I've had to give finals to my four classes and grade them, as well as begin on various end of term paperwork. Hectic time.

In addition, I've just found out that I'm being transferred to Prince George County, Maryland. All of the timeline and logistical information still has to be sorted out, but we're starting an office there, on a temporary basis at first, to train local teachers in our methodology. This would be an intriguing prospect if it turned into something longer-term. We'll have to see how that goes. I'll keep the world updated.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite as successful at keeping up on the writing of Soulless in the wake of all this work, but it is progressing. I'm now on Chapter Eleven, having gotten around 18,000 words or so done. My hope is to be at 25,000 by the end of the weekend, although I expect that is a bit too ambitious.

Already, I see some things that I'll want to change in the second draft. I'm having to try hard not to tinker as I go. I like to brute force my first draft of a story, then let it sit for a while before digging into it with serious revisions. This also gives the opportunity for me to do a lot more research into related areas.

Speaking of research, I just read John Horgan's fascinating book The Undiscovered Mind which outlines the various shortcomings of current psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, evolutionary psychology, behavioral genetics ... in short, the various failures of every field of science attempting to understand the human mind. He's very realistic in his treatment of these matters, pointing out that a lot of the hype they get in the media and science writing circles isn't exactly warranted by the findings that they actually obtain. Fascinating book that I must recommend.

Not much to say right now, and I'm aiming to write about 7,000 words in the next 30 or so hours, so I should probably get typing.

Until next time...