Saturday, January 28, 2006


Today saw the writing of 2,900 words (2,458 by Microsoft Word count) in "Frozen in a Memory" (previously referenced as "Frozen in a Dream," but titles are fickle things). Total so far is roughly 4,960 words (4,168 by Microsoft Word count) and the story has reached its turning point, where it begins careening downhill like a runaway train . . . hopefully in a good way. We'll see tomorrow.

I also completed the revisions on my 3,000 word story for the upcoming Houston, We Have Bubbas anthology. The Bubbas stories are always entertaining, and I had fun with this one. I was even more shocked because the basic theme of the story was related to the cover story in this month's Popular Science magazine! The story was completely done before I got the issue, so imagine my surprise. I suppose that means I'm timely or something. Anyway, this story will be heading out to the fine editors at Yard Dog Press on Monday.

Finally, I got around to writing two reviews for I reviewed Peter David's Tong Lashing, which was loads of fun, and also Finding Serenity, a collection of essays about the tragically defunct television show Firefly.

In between all of this, I watched two films that I picked up on DVD from the library. One was Tom Selleck's intriguing portrayal of Eisenhower in Ike: Countdown to D-Day. The other was Under a Tuscan Sun . . . which had Diane Lane, making it worth watching.

Last week, incidentally, I watched Inventing the Abbotts, a film which features Jennifer Connelly with upper body nudity. This was, I felt, the only thing remarkable about that film, and certainly my only cause to recommend it to anyone.

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