Monday, January 31, 2005


Well, as anyone who frequents this website can tell, I've begun implementing some blog advertisements. This is partly a step of self-motivation -- I intend to make this website more appealing to write for by making it into a profit-making venture.

The current string of ads are available through Google Adsense, a website which I discovered while reading an article in Discover magazine. The idea to exploit the phenomenon of ads spread slowly through me, and I decided to give it a try.

This metamorphosis was helped along by reading Thomas W. Malone's fascinating book, The Future of Work, which I have reviewed at both and The book discusses the trend in today's business culture toward a decentralized system, wherein the employee sets more of the rules. I've always felt like this market-like system of the internet was one of its more appealing aspects. If you need a service, you can find someone willing to offer it.

My skills have always tended toward ideas, toward the intellectual analysis and classification of the world. In short, I sit around and think... and occasionally people tell me that the way that I think it worthwhile. So, I'm trying to make some profit from it, just as someone with the skill of throwing a baseball will attempt to make profit from it -- either from the Big Leagues or just from coaching at a local high school.

I will be intrigued to watch how the ads change over time, as I begin talking about more and more different topics. For example, what will this posting -- about decentralized business and advertisements -- do to the ads placed on this site, as they analyze the content of the posting and determine appropriate ads to place there?

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