Wednesday, September 22, 2004


As discussed earlier, I am currently working at a new job. I enjoy it immensely. Little other news on that front.

Last night I purchased STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT at the urging of my senior-year roommate, Xavier "Bad Luck" Rodriguez. He was a QualityAssurance Game Tester on it. An intriguing game. I'll probably be posting an Epinions review on it this evening, which I will link through the website. My instinct is to say that it's an okay game individually, but that I bet with a large number of players through Xbox Live or some other multi-player venue it is a lot more enjoyable, as the actions of the players have more sway on the overall outcome of the battle. As it stands, I don't feel like I necessarily have that much control over what ultimately happens.

The saga of trying to join two lives together in matrimonial bliss continues. The pressures of work and relationship weigh heavy. If anyone out there has a pipeline to the almighty, prayers would be appreciated at all times.

One of the anthologies that I'm waiting to hear back on a submission to is past its stated response deadline. This is the third extension they've posted about pushing the response deadline back and they're late on it. At this rate the apocalypse will arrive before this apocalyptic anthology (no, not another Bubbas one) arrives.

Just keeping everyone in the loop.

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