Wednesday, October 13, 2004


My birthday week just keeps getting better, as I discover today that I am in the Table of Contents for ChimeraWorld 2. This is a dark fiction anthology edited by Mike Philbin (previously known under the nom de plum Herzan Chimera, thus the anthology title) and published through Cyber-Pulp Books. I don't yet know the precise release date of the anthology and, in truth, I didn't even get final confirmation from the editor about my acceptance, but only found out because the contents happened to get posted to a mailing list that I'm on. My story was chosen out of a list of nearly 100 submissions, and this is the first time I've had a statistic like that to know where I fell.

The story that made it into CW2 was "Abraham Lincoln's Children," a story that was originally written for an anthology that was dual themed - vampires and cockroaches. I wrote this story, which I refer to as "dark science fiction," to play on the two themes of the anthology in a hopefully unconventional way. It was rejected, and I was honestly doubtful that such a peculiar tale would find a home anywhere else. It seems that my concern was unfounded, as it marks my third appearance in a paid print medium.

More details about the publication will be posted when the anthology is actual released for distribution. It will be made available in both ebook and trade paperback (print on demand) versions, to suite a wide range of readers.

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