Monday, June 25, 2001

Oh, boy... What a crazy few days I've had. Let's go over my last week or so.

Wednesday - Flew into Indiana. Crashed at my sister's place

Thursday - Went to my grandfather's funeral. Met up later with an old friend who came down because I was in the area. Hung out with her and some other friends. Had a good time.

Friday - Got around to visiting my other grandfather, who's in a nursing home. He's looking like crap. God, that's hard to see. We were really close when I was growing up. Spend the rest of the day hanging out with my mother, and then with some friends. Went out to a bar and played some pool with them (my friends, not my mother). Learned about their messed up lives. Got home about midnight and went to bed so that I could get up in time to catch the plane.

Saturday - Flew back up to Detroit. Went to a science fiction convention in Roseville, MI. It was fairly lame... not many authors. There was one author of a couple of fantasy novels, so I got autographed copies of those because they looked pretty good. Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. was the Guest of Honor, and he has virtually no accomplishments of his own. Very disturbing. Helped set up for a Mensa recruitment party and hung out for a while, then went home.

Sunday - Drove with a couple of friends down to Cleveland, to a reading/signing by Neil Gaiman. He was funny as hell! Very witty. Entertaining story about his travels on the signing tour, especially how it relates to hotel room service.

Monday - Went back to work. Was exhausted all day. Understandable, but irritating.

So that has been the last few days for me. Hectic, exciting, and fundamentally tiring. Wouldn't trade it for a thing. ;)

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